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What Council is Really Saying

What Council is Really Saying

There have been a lot of plans announced and decisions made by city council in the last year that I haven’t agreed with, but the repeated deferral of the Green Bins programme is simply embarassing for a Canadian city in 2011. I think it is all in aid of the sacred 0% tax increase promised by Joe Fontana, and I am sick of good decisions being held hostage by a foolish election promise.

I have sent this letter to Joe and the whole city council, and I urge you to write your councillor as well.

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

I hope that you will read and consider my thoughts on this issue, and I would ask that this letter be included with the agenda for the August 29th meeting.

The decision not to fund a Green Bin program speaks volumes. Shelving the program sends lots of messages, and they are all negative.

To the students and young people that we should be encouraging to stay in London, this decision says “London doesn’t care about the future. London doesn’t value the things that you care about, like sustainability.”

To the rest of Ontario and Canada, this decision says “Here in London we can’t be bothered to clean our own messes. We’ll use up our landfills as fast as we want.”

To the average family, who may grumble at first but ultimately wants to do the right thing, this decision says “Don’t pay any attention to what you waste or throw away. What difference does it make?”

To the children that we should be teaching about responsibility and consequences, this descision says “It’s OK to just keep putting off a tough decision or pretending a problem doesn’t exist”

To me, a voter and taxpayer here in London, this decision says “City Council believes that honouring a rash and reckless election promise of 0% tax increases is more important than any other considerations.”

Like it or not, I think that’s what you’re saying if you vote against the Green Bin  program.

I hope that instead, you’ll do the right and responsible thing. I hope you will choose to say: “We’ve got to look after this place. We’re going to stop dumping our problems on future councils and future generations.”

Chris McInnis
299 Cheapside Street
London, ON

Random point of reference

Crawl as they might, the tendrils of online content have not yet dug into every nook and cranny of the physical world.

Unsurprisingly, 1970s Canadian poetry is one vein that has yet to be mined very deeply. 

That said, here’s a gem from 1977’s classic Garbage Delight, written by Dennis Lee and illustrated by  Frank Newfield. 

The Big Molice Pan and the Bertie Dumb

Once a big molice pan
Met a Bertie Dumb,
Sitting on a wide sock
Booing gubble chum.

“Hey,”  said the molice pan,
“Gum and simmy come.”
“Sot your rotten kicking pox!”
Cried the Bertie Dumb.

Then the big molice pan
Rank Jamaica drum,
Wide at dunce, but grows with runts.
(Kate to strinkum. DUM.)

Random insane mash-up for the weekend.

Why I never became a teacher

I inherited this moldy oldie from my mother (who did become a teacher). If  you think Satan’s Trusty Minion on the cover is creepy, you should see the rest of the rogue’s gallery.