Ward 6 Debates

Tonight Jen and I attended our second debate/all candidates meeting for our Ward 6 city council candidates.

As I was mentally organizing my notes on each candidate, I was struck by the notion of grading them all like a report card, or listing their pros and cons.

Then I thought, “Well, I’d better include some disclaimers.”

Then I decided the disclaimers were more important than being witty or snarky about how these people performed in a very artificial scenario.

These six people are working hard and really putting themselves out there for their community. I believe all of our candidates really care about our city and would work hard to represent our ward. Even my least-favoured┬ácandidate is plainly very committed to making things better that’s nothing to mock.

Unfortunately, a debate tells you more about the candidate’s performance skills than anything else. We had one candidate tonight who was confident, poised, and articulate. Still, that person didn’t convince me they would be a good councillor, only┬áthat they would get a lot of votes.

So after two debates and tons of reading, I have two really good candidates and two pretty decent ones. Not exactly decisive, huh? I am very fortunate to have a tough choice in Ward 6. I’ve eliminated two-thirds of the field, but that just makes it tougher to decide between the remaining two. Jen and I had a good chat on the way home about the temptation to vote strategically and to support the person most likely to beat the candidate we’d rather not see get in, but I don’t think either of us is going to go that route since we just don’t know enough!

Finally, it was neat to see the meeting held in a public place, where we could watch the reaction of passersby to stumbling across something political. It was quite comical how many people seemed to look at it like a freakshow or a punishment to be avoided – shielding their glances and hurrying past. That’s unfortunate – because the real freakshow is what we get by voting without paying attention.

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  1. Thomas says:

    “because the real freakshow is what we get by voting without paying attention.”


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