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A dispatch from the Blippleverse

A dispatch from the Blippleverse

I’ve been using for about a year, but recently it has become a full-blown hobby.

It’s basically twitter with music: your feed is a constantly-updating playlist. I like music from all over the spectrum, so the people I listen to have pretty diverse taste. I’m currently listening to 60 people, of whom probably 15 are active daily, and at any given time I might be on at the same time as five or six.

It’s an amazing exercise in not-quite-randomness.  I get everything from lo-fi indie to 80s hardcore to techno washing over my eardrums in a glorious mix. Depending on my mood, and the mix of people on at the same time as me, I can focus on one genre for a night, or just bounce all over the place.  I get introduced to great new music every day, and sometimes get the joy of  introducing someone to a favourite of mine.

Even those friends with whom I share a major overlap in musical taste probably only like about 50% of the same stuff I do, so it’s pretty fantastic to swap tunes with people who share not only my taste, but my mix of tastes.

As a medium, Blip is interactive, but not really conversational. Between that and the fact that the content is pretty much completely confined to one topic, I have finally found a social network on which I feel absolutely no need to self-censor. I may not want to bore my friends with my professional life or feel the need to update my work colleagues about my weekend, but I am completely comfortable blipping Hank Williams, Radiohead and The Stooges in the same night – plus five other artists  you haven’t heard of (and I hadn’t two hours ago).

Filthy Lucre

Malcolm McLaren is dead.

Like his protegés, Malcolm often reveled in telling people he was a pimp, a fake, a money-grubbing sleazebag. I have no inclination to contradict that.

I am grateful he was in the right place at the right time to bring the Pistols to fame.

Thanks for that, you filthy rotter.

Yikes! Robot Shenanigans!

Just came across the “Yike Bike

This thing is cool. Very cool. Maybe too cool.

I suspect Cylons are involved.