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Some days,  you gotta wear “geek” on your sleeve.

26 fantastic illustrations. Check ‘em out.

Props to Phronk for this link.

Random insane mash-up for the weekend.

Why I never became a teacher

I inherited this moldy oldie from my mother (who did become a teacher). If  you think Satan’s Trusty Minion on the cover is creepy, you should see the rest of the rogue’s gallery.


A 62(ish) Hour Adventure

Never mind wealth or success.

Surround yourself with good people if you want to have an awesome weekend.

This weekend I took part in the London Fringe Festival’s 62-Hour Film Contest. You can get some teasers of the experience here and some more of Kevin’s photos here. although the film itself will not go online until the screening next weekend.

I am way too distracted tonight to write much about it, except to say how proud I am to have spent two and a half days:

  • creating something cool
  • re-discovering the fun of acting (even for 30 seconds of footage)
  • seeing how good a lot of my friends are at acting (and somehow not being surprised)
  • being reminded that the best people never accept the credit they are due (Mr. Caplan, I’m talking to you)
  • learning how much goes into even the simplest aspects of filmmaking
  • validating a previously held theory that sauerkraut should not be grilled, nor should one allow oneself to be confined in small places with grilled sauerkraut


See you at the movies!