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All hail the creator!

No, I haven’t joined a cult.

I did make a bit of a pilgrimage on the weekend, though.  Toronto’s FanExpo is a number of geeky conventions all housed under one roof : Comics, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Horror and Anime.

The crowds were insanely dense (estimated 70,000 over the weekend) but amazingly well mannered and chipper (despite many folks spending hours in various lines).  The whole celebrity/autograph thing was kind of underwhelming (not really a letdown as I had no huge expectations) and the shopping was… well, shopping.

More entertaining were the costumes.  They ranged from entertainingly bad to slavishly accurate, funny to frightening, and everything in between.  My favorites were the low-tech Star Wars crew including a garbage can R2 and Darth Vader using an old cassette player as his chest “control panel.”

Fan Expo 2009!

The real highlight for me though, was meeting and talking to some amazing comic artists.  First I stumbled across an artist whose work I had long admired but who I didn’t even know by name.  Attila Adorjany does illustration for games, but (I discovered) also does webcomics, paints, and doodles like a mofo.


While I pored over original sketches from his work on the card game Inn-Fighting, Attila told me about getting gagged by Lucasfilm attorneys, his webcomic, and the financial risks of spending so much time at conventions surrounded by tons of cool ways to blow your money.  I encourage you to check out his site or his photostream.

A friend had asked me to say hi to Michael Cho – a name I recognized as being a comic artist, but that I wasn’t really familiar with.  Holy crap!  He is now one of my favorite artists.  I was completely blown away by the fantastic two-colour prints he had there.  Not only were they some of my favorite characters, they were also rtraction’s corporate colours.  Clearly it was a sign for me to buy three for my office. When I got home and checked out more of his stuff on his site I was even more impressed.  Now I need to get some of his work in comic form.

Both Attila and Mike are Ontario talent – and there were sooo many other local artists at the con with fantastic work on display, it was really impressive.  Too many to mention…  but I will leave you with one more of my favorites, a Hulk/Bluto mash-up courtesy of Darryl Graham.